Grandes Pièces Symphoniques

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This Ian Tracey CD was released in October 2007 and recorded in Liverpool Cathedral on the impressive Great Henry Willis organ. This organ performance entitled 'Grandes PiŠces Symphoniques' is a rendition which would be enjoyed as a gift by any organ fan.
Track Listing includes:
1. Improvisation sur le Te Deum from "L'Orgue Mystique" - Charles Tournemire ed. Durufle,
2. Elves Op. 7 (No. 11) and Lamento, Op. 5 (No .2) from "Douze PiŠces" - Josef Bonnet
3. Allegro Giocoso (No. 7) from "Sept Improvisations" - Charles Camille Saint-Saens
4. "Grande PiŠce Symphonique, Op. 17" - C‚sar Auguste Franck
5. Scherzo from "Dix PiŠces" (No. 8) - EugŠne Gigout
6. "Symphonie, Op. 13 No 4" - Charles-Marie Widor

Approximate measurements:
Height - 13cm
Width - 15cm
Weight - 75g