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Product Description

Called Cathedra – the Dean of Blackburn hopes this new gin, specially crafted by a local distillery, will become one of the go-to brands in the current gin revival – and in the longer term create a new income stream for the cathedral’s mission and ministry. The gin is made by Brindle Distillery in Lancashire.

“This is not a novelty; this is a cathedral doing business,” said the Dean, the Very Revd Peter Howell Jones.

“Blackburn is not a tourism centre, it is not a rich part of the world, and we need to reach out to markets beyond our town and region to be sustainable long term.

“Gin is on trend; it is a developing market, and there is a long history of monastic communities brewing mead, wines and beers.”

“I wanted to create a brand that would work across the country; that could create a income stream from which all English Cathedrals can benefit,” he added.

Cathedra Gin is distilled with fresh spring water and infused with juniper, orange, elderflower, almond and vanilla to give a deliciously smooth taste.

Please drink responsibly.