EverEarth Nativity Scene

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Product Description

EverEarth was set up in 1973 in Taiwan and it has 5 promises; simplicity, safety, quality, environmentally caring materials and an ethical manufacturing environment for their employees. They also have a program called 'Plant A Tree - One Toy, One Tree'. When you purchase this product, you can register it online and one tree will be planted in their FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forest in Southwest Zehjiang province of China.
This beautifully crafted nativity scene helps them learn the story of baby Jesus and the care and consideration he taught. Includes baby Jesus, Angel Gabriel, Mary, Joseph, three Wisemen, shepherds, sheep, camels, bull and donkey; a feast for the imagination!
Approximate measurements of stable:
Height - 18cm
Width - 26.5cm
Weight of whole set (incl. figures) - 1200g