Liver Recipe T Towel

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Product Description

This 100% crisp white cotton tea towel displays a bespoke lilac Liver Bird image with a unique recipe that captures the true characteristics of a Liverpudlian. This of one of the unique tea towels available in Liverpool gifts with Liverpool Cathedral.
The poem on the tea towel says:
'Add a cup full of humour and determination to a bowl, a drop of loyalty, stirred with heart, strong mind and soul. A cup of common sense, tablespoon of laughter with a pinch of wisdom and wit, a teaspoon of passion, ladle in generosity and kindness more than a bit. But the most important thing to add to all of the above, is an enourmous, gigantic dollop of everlasting love'
Approximate measurements:
Height - 20cm
Width - 26cm
Weight - 50g