"Liverpool" by Carol Ann Duffy

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'Liverpool' Written to mark the momentous day of the disclosure of the report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel in this Cathedral, to the families of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster; original water colour calligraphy by textual artist Stephen Raw.

This is a poster print of the original (on display in the Cathedral) with proceeds to the Hillsborough Family Support Group and Liverpool Cathedral.

"The Cathedral bell, tolled, could never tell; nor the Liver Birds, mute in their stone spell; nor the Mersey, though seagulls wailed, cursed, overhead, in no language for the slandered dead...    not the raw, red throat of the Kop, keening, or the cops' words, censored of the meaning; not the clock, slow hand clapping the coroner's deadline,    or the memo to Thatcher, or the tabloid headline....    but fathers told of their daughters; the names of sons on the lips of their mothers like prayers; lost ones honored for bitter years by orphan, cousin, wife - not a matter of football, but of life.

Over this great city, light after long dark; Truth, the sweet silver song of the lark."