Traditional Ukranian Nativity Set 12 Characters

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The ancient tradition of the shopkeepers dates back to the time when illiterate parishioners, with the help of sculptural compositions in the church, told the biblical story of the birth of little Jesus in Bethlehem. Later, when the city grew and the number of groves increased, the nave began to set in front of the cathedral. Even further - they arranged costume performances with the use of bright costumes, sign attributes, puppet theater and songs-tales about Divo-Divnye. We keep this tradition by telling legends and singing in our children and grandchildren christmas songs about the power of love and good that governs our world. If not always on weekdays, then on holidays - sure! "Oh, rejoice, Earth, the Son of God was born!"

The set includes: a ram, a cow, a goat, three shepherds, three kings, an angel, Mary, Joseph and comes complete with a box for storage that doubles-up as a Nativity shed.

Approximate measurements of characters: 16 cm