111 Places in Liverpool That You Shouldn't Miss

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Liverpool's unique history as an international port and a cultural melting pot has given it a character all its own. The city has produced music that conquered the world and is home to more historic buildings than any other British metropolis outside London. It features two magnificent cathedrals and many world famous museums. But beyond its renowned exterior, is an eclectic assortment of places hidden and unknown.

This deliciously offbeat guidebook will lead you to a different Liverpool: down tunnels, up skyscrapers, and into secret bars, speciality shops, and disused factories. You will see Balenciaga trainers and vintage planes, rolling bridges and disappearing statues, Liver birds and celebrity suitcases, home-baked cakes and cast-iron churches.

Think you know Liverpool? Think again! Whether you're a long time local, a first time tourist, or a repeat visitor, prepare to be charmed and intrigued by 111 eccentric and unusual spots you'd never expect to find in the city best known for football and the Fab Four.

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