Fantaisie Triomphale

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This organ CD by Ian Tracey contains a unique collection of rare French symphonic organ works by some of the greatest masters of this genre, including Saint-Saens, Guilmant and Dupre. 'Fantaisie Triomphale' is played on the Great Henry Willis Organ of Liverpool Cathedral.
Track Listing includes:
1. "Grand Chur Dialogue" - Gigout
2. "Cypres et Lauriers", Op. 156 - Saint Saens
3. "Fantaisie sur l'hymne National Russe" - Gounod
4. "CortŠge et Litanie", Op. 19 No. 2 - Dupr‚
5. "Allegro", Op. 81 - Guilmant
6. "Meditation sur le Stabat Materm", Op. 63 - Guilmant
7. "Final alla Schumann sur un Noel Languedocien", Op 83 - Guilmant
8. "Marche fantaisie sur Deux Chants d'‚glise", Op. 44 - Guilmant
9. "Fantaisie Triomphale"  Dubois

Approximate measurements:
Height - 13cm
Width - 15cm
Weight - 75g