"Ferry Cross the Mersey" T Towel

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Product Description

Scouser Ware celebrates Liverpool’s rich culture, history and colourful local language, particularly the phrases made famous by Liverpudlian’s song lyrics and comedians. They are made with good humour, and make amazing gifts for Liverpudlian’s everywhere – home, abroad and adopted! This tea towel is inspired by the 'Gerry and the Pacemakers' hit and features a Scraffito design of that very famous ferry! The tea towel is 100% cotton and machine washable making it a great gift that will make washing up a little bit more fun. This tea towel design features an image of probably the most famous 'Ferry' in the world; it makes for an inspirational tea towel gift for anyone and everyone who associates with Liverpool. Approximate measurements:
Height - 21cm
Width - 24cm
Weight - 50g