Godbothering - Thoughts, 2000-2020 - As heard on 'Thought for the Day' on BBC Radio 4

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‘The problem with Rhidian’s Thoughts is how often I find myself agreeing with him. Most annoying!’ John Humphrys

Why bother with God?
Do you know what matters in life?
What are the limits of kindness?
Why doesn’t God intervene?
What are you worth?

For twenty years, bestselling novelist Rhidian Brook has pondered such questions on Radio 4's Thought for the Day, encouraging, nudging, sometimes provoking millions into thinking about the possibility of a God who is intimately and cosmically involved in the human story. Over 100 of his Thoughts are presented here, forming a kind of alternative history of the 21st century, and inviting us to reflect on the deeper spiritual dimensions of our lives and times.

‘This earthy disturber of breakfasts subverts and provokes with Thoughts that last much longer than a day.’ Roy Jenkins

‘I hate celebrities, Harry Potter, musicals, and Thought for the Day. Unless Rhidian Brook is on.’Philip Kerr

‘A great collection from a wise and humane thinker and writer.’Victoria Hislop

‘Profound, entertaining, wise and funny – this is a masterclass in the genre. Bishop Nick Baines