Grand Organ of Liverpool Cathedral DVD

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Ian Tracey plays the Great Henry Willis Organ of Liverpool Cathedral. This product contains one DVD and one CD recorded in 5.1 Dolby Surround sound, suitable for all regions. This DVD is a gift for all organ lovers, or Ian Tracey fans.
Track listing includes:
1. "Overture to the Occasional Oratorio" - Handel, arr. W H Goss-Custard
2. "Chaconne in D minor" - J S Bach, arr. W H Goss-Custard
3. "Four Sketches" (Op 58) - Schumann
4. Grand March from "Aida" - Verdi, arr. Ian Wells
5. "Solemn Melody" - H Walford-Davies
6. "Noel" - Mulet
7. Toccata "Tu es Petra" - Mulet
8. Extracts from the "Nutcracker" Suite - Tchaikovsky, arr. Ian Tracey
9. "Bolero de Concert" - Lef‚bure-W‚ly
10. "Will O the Wisp" - Nevin
11. "Lied to the Flowers" (from Lied Symphony Op 66)- Peeters
12. "Lied to the Sun" (from Lied Symphony Op 66)- Peeters
13. "Melody" - Dawes
14. Toccata "Vom Himmel Hoch" - Edmundson

Approximate measurements:
Height - 20cm
Width - 14cm
Weight - 100g