Organ Music from The Two Cathedrals in Liverpool

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An excellent compilation of pieces played on the organs of both Liverpool city Cathedrals. Pieces by Willan, Langlais, Preston, Peeters, Mushel are included as well as several others. Both organs are featured in all their glory in these pieces, a must for organ music lovers and are a music gift for all.
Track Listing Includes:
1. Prelude on "Gelobt Sei Gott" - H Willan
2. "Te Deum" - J Langlais
3. "Alleluyas" - S Preston
4. "Aria Opus 51" - F Peeters
5. "Toccata" - G Mushel
6. "Master Tallis's Testament" - H Howells
7. "Partita" Maestoso; Lento Alla Marcia; Allegro - W Mathias
8. "L'Orgue Mystique - Suite No. 24" - C Tournemire
9. "Invocations" - William Mathias
10. "Transports de Joie (L'Ascension)" - O Messiaen
Approximate measurements:
Height - 13cm
Width - 15cm
Weight - 75g

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