The First Letter of Peter: A Global Commentary - Jennifer Strawbridge

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1 Peter is a significant letter, seen by many scholars to be an ecumenical bridge and anchor. It is first and foremost about the transformative joy of faith in Jesus Christ. This commentary offers a close reading of the text from beginning to end, drawing on a multiplicity of voices and engaging in a number of foundational themes for the Christian community according to the apostolic author: hope, holiness, suffering, joy, witness, hospitality, exile, resurrection, leadership. Tackling the themes raised by the epistle including slavery, exile and refugees, patriarchy, hierarchy, oppression, gender justice, and the risk of hospitality, the book engages with these topics not only through commentary, but also through short excursuses which draw the reader more deeply into some of the difficult questions. Designed as the official commentary resource for the Lambeth Conference in 2020, and structured around the themes of the conference, the book offers a unique range of perspectives on an oft-overlooked epistle. With contributions from an impressive range of scholars including Paula Gooder, Emma Ineson, Paul Swarup, Musa Dube, Craig Keener, and Kwok Pui Lan, it will provide an important resource for anyone studying, teaching, or preaching from the letter.